LED light equipment with 11 years tradition

Our first graphic poi were created in 2007 already. Since then they have been greatly improved.

Aratron Technologies always thinks about its customers and always comes with something new that the performers appreciate a lot.

During that time, when competition came out, Aratron Technologies had already been successful with 3 generations of graphic poi.

Of course, the first graphic poi were not perfect at all. They were heavy and had only 12 pixels, but were able to do what nothing and nobody before could - to display a logo or text. Aratron Technologies came as first with elements that other producers just copied later.

So we can proudly say that Aratron Technologies is dictating trends in this sector. Music timeline, anti-shock system, more than one program memory, radio control for synchronisation and much more was created just by Aratron Technologies.

There is always priority to bring something new that has never been here before so that the performers can enjoy it more and the audience can have a great visual experience.

Many people were asking when the new generation of poi will come out after very successfull Graphic Poi De Luxe series. The answer was "we are working on something new, something unique". The desire to bring something special and cutting-edge, that would outperform every competition in the field, has exceeded our own abilities. Thus, we had to ask for help the professionals in the field of custom hardware and software - the ANDIS company.

Since, the situation has changed and we could think more about new functions without any doubts that ANDIS would not be able to deliver. The result is a unique system called RAZOR, which again brought new wind to the world of pixel poi and pixel staff.

Phenomenal function - Picture Stabilizer,

Settings for brightness directly on the poi,

Selection of 8 programs,

Range of radio control up to 450 m,

Transfer of the information like selected program or brightness intensity from one device to the others,

4K resolution,

The smallest LEDs with 1,8 mm length and with extreme brightness,

HDR colours,

3D anti-shock system, which brought higher protection for the poi against impacts within all three axes.

Razor is still at the beginning. That is why we haven`t stopped just yet and are constantly working on new improvements. That is the reason why our clients will always stay one step ahead of the competition.

Best regards,
Aratron Technologies Team