Graphic Poi Razor 160

Transform your dream to reality even today.

No more compromises

  • 4K resolution
  • Picture stabilizer
  • 3D Anti-shock system
  • Memory for thousands and thousands of pictures
  • Length of poi only 45 cm with amazing 160 LEDs on each side
  • Picture stabilizer for precise show
  • 160 LEDs for shows in ultra-high definition
  • Light emission at 360° angle
  • Save up to 8 independent programs and thousands of pictures

Graphic Poi Razor 160

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Graphic Poi Razor 160 creates shows which your audience was waiting for so long.

An excellence of this poi is clearly hidden in a perfect picture rendering. Colours, graphics and animations! Everything is brighter and more shiny. Thanks to stabilisation, the picture is much more readable now. Whatever the spin speed, graphics during spinning stays at the same spot. This makes watching the show much easier and results in much better experience for the audience. The picture is more impressive during life performance and camera recording as well.

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 Graphic poi RAZOR 160


The difference is hidden in details

For the RAZOR series we have employed the best that modern technology provides.

RAZOR 160 uses special LEDs with emission at 180° angle. It means that 2 LED rows, one on each side, allow light emission in 360° angle, so the picture is without black smears and strips. These LEDs are brighter, have bigger contrast and display more shiny colours. There is also more LEDs (2 x 160). That means just one thing - perfect picture in ultra-high definition and audience more excited.

Graphic poi RAZOR 160
Graphic poi RAZOR 160
Razor 160
Razor 160

Do you want to enjoy the future even today? Observe the new leader!

Razor 160 is the special innovation in the graphic poi market thanks to its unique picture stabilizer.

Stabilization of picture allows:

  • Displaying graphics in the same place
  • Innovative possibility of recording animations and videos
  • Better and more readable pictures than ever before
  • Pictures without any deformation

World´s best regular pixel poi

4K resolution

Picture stabilizer

HDR colours

Smart Synchronization System

The packaging includes everything that you need for your show:

2 x Graphic Poi Razor 160

1 x charger

2 x USB cable

Software with timeline - compatible with Windows OS

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