Graphic poi Razor 240

Luxurious length

       Luxurious graphics 

                        Ultimate show

  • Picture stabilizer
  • Mindblowing 240 LEDs for shows in ultra-high definition
  • 3D anti-shock system
  • Memory for thousands and thousands of pictures
  • HDR colours
  • Brighter colours and high contrast
  • Light emission at 360° angle
  • Possibility to record up to 8 independent programs
  • Length of poi only 61 cm with amazing 240 LEDs on each side
  • Brightness settings directly on the poi
  • Best balance between length and displaying of the graphics
  • 90 min. performance without any interruption


Graphic Poi Razor 240

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Graphic poi RAZOR 240 - remove any limits between reality and illusion.

That sounds incredible - a technology of the future is available today and is here for you and your unique performances.

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Graphic poi RAZOR 240
Graphic poi RAZOR 240

Best LED performance in your show.

The stick developed for professionals and demanding audience.

Graphic Poi RAZOR 240 is armed with special LEDs, which are made to satisfy requirements of the jugglers.

Lights with TrueColour technology are characterized by brighter colours displaying in high contrast.

Those properties and 240 (480) diodes guarantee a perfect image in each light condition. These great features allow you to impress the most demanding audience.

The Graphic Poi RAZOR 240 breaks barriers and limits

With poi of 60 cm length, you can engage all your juggling tricks in your show and the pictures will still be in extremely high resolution. 240 pixels will be wonderful experience for the most demanding audience.

  • Upload 8 programs into your poi
  • Opportunity to save thousands of pictures into the memory
  • Possibility to present more shows without PC connection
  • Light emission at 360° angle with special LED lights
  • Huge number of LEDs for ultimate effects
Razor 240
Razor 240

Maximum LEDs for maximum show with world´s best pixel poi

240 pixels

Great graphics

Unbelievable details

Packaging includes everything that you need for your show:

2 x Graphic Poi Razor 240

1 x charger

2 x USB cable

Software with timeline - compatible with Windows OS

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