Graphic Poi RAZOR 80

Mini poi without compromises

  • Ultimate show in a small design 
  • Mini poi, which are equivalent to the best juggling equipment
  • Precise stabilisation for sharper graphics
  • Readable picture in technically demanding show
  • Animations and graphics with a unique picture stabilisation
  • Ultra-high definition with 80 LEDs
  • Picture without strips and interruption thanks to LED light emission at 360° angle
  • More capacity for thousands of pictures and 8 independent programs
  • Displaying TrueColours - real colours with high contrast
  • 4K resolution for the most beautiful pictures

Graphic Poi Razor 80

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Graphic Razor Mini 80

Thanks to their small size, they are suitable for technically difficult spinning. Nevertheless, they are the smallest of Razor Series, yet they don`t lag behind their siblings. Graphics displayed by the Razor 80 is equally clear and leave unforgettable impression.

750.00 €
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Graphic poi  razor 80 mini
Graphic poi razor 80 mini

Who said that a small equipment can`t create a great show?

Razor Mini 80 exceed existing boundaries and demonstrate that everything is possible.

Also in technically demanding shows, for which you need a small equipment, you are able to utilize maximum of what the technology is offering.

One part of that is the unique stabilizer, which enables to display animations and graphics at the same static spot. The picture is sharper, thus better readable than anytime before and the audience more excited than you have ever hoped.

A picture, which the audience would like to touch

LEDs of the new generation display your animations and graphics in TrueColour. It is a perfect real colour drawing with high contrast in a full scale.

Into the mini Razor Poi we have incorporated 80 LEDs capable of showing the spinning pictures in ultra-high definition.

Pictures and shapes around you will be alive and the audience will forget everything else. Their attention will be focused only to you and the stage.

Razor 80
Razor 80

                       Best pixel mini poi

4K Resolution

Picture Stabilizer

HDR colors

Packaging includes everything that you need for a show:

2 x Graphic Poi Razor 80

1 x charger

2 x USB cable

Software with timeline - compatible with Windows OS


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